Alice in Wonderland #2 | Down the Rabbit Hole: Alice Taking “Drink Me” Bottle 愛麗絲夢遊仙境集二


Alice finding tiny door behind curtain

Alice opened the door and found that it led into a small passage, not much larger than a rat hole: she knelt down and looked along the passage into the loveliest garden on could even see. How she longed to get out of that dark hall, and wander about among those beds of bright flowers and those cool fountains, but she could not even get her head through the doorway; and “even if my head could go through, ” thought Alice, “it would be of very little use without my shoulders.”

There seemed to be no use in waiting by the little door, so she went back to the table, hoping she might find another key on it. This time she found a little bottle on it, and around the neck of the bottle was a paper label, with the words “DRINK ME”.

Alice taking “Drink Me” bottle

It was all very well to say “Drink me,” but the wise little Alice was not going to do that in a hurry. “No, I’ll look first”, she said,
and see whether it’s marked “poison” or not; for she had read several nice little histories about children who had got burned, and eaten up by wild beasts and other unpleasant things, all because they would not remember the simple rules their friends had taught them: such as, that a red-hot poker will burn you if you hold it too long; and that if you cut your finger very deeply with a knife, it usually bleeds; and she had never forgotten that, if you drink much from a botthle marked “poison”, it is almost certain to disagree with you.

However, this bottle was not marked “poison”, so Alice ventured to taste it, and finding it very nice. She quickly finished it off.

“What a curious feeling!” said Alice.

And so it was indeed: she was now only ten inches tall, and her face brightened up at the thought that she was now the right size for going through the little door into the garden. First, she waited for a few minutes to see if she was going to shrink any further: she felt a little nervous about this; for “it might end, you know,” said Alice, “in my going out altogether, like a candle. I wonder what I should be like then?” And she tried to fancy what the flame of a candle is like after the candle is blown out, for she could not remember ever having seen such a thing.

After a while, finding that nothing more happened, she decided on going into the garden at once; but when she got to the door, she found she had forgotten the little golden key, and when she went back to the table for it, she found she could not pssibly reach it; she could see it quite plainly through the glass, and she tried her best to climb up one of the legs of the table, but it was too slippery; and when she had tired herself out with trying, the poor little thing sat down and cried.

“Come, there is no use in crying like that!”said Alice to herself, rather sharply; and sometimes she scolded herself so severely as to bring tears into her eyes; and once she remembered trying to box her own ears for having cheated herself in a game she was playing against herself, for this curious child was very fond of pretending to be two people. “But it is no use now to pretend to be two people! Why? There is hardly enough of me left to make one person!”

Soon her eye fell on a little glassbox that was lying under the table: she opened it, and found in it a very small cake, on which the words “EAT ME” were marked. “Well, I’ll eat it and if it makes me grow larger I can reach the key; and if it makes me grow smaller I can creep under the door; so either way I’ll get into the garden and I don’t care which happens!”

She ate a little and said anxiously to herself, “Which way? Which way?” holding her hand on the top of her head to feel which way it was growing, and she was quite surprised to find that she remained the same size; to be sure, this generally happens when one eats cake, but Alice had got so mch into the way of expecting nothing but out-of-the-way things to happen, that it seemed quite dull and stupid for life to go on in the common way.

So she gulped down the cake.

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(Note: Excerpt/adaptation from Chapter one, Alice in Wonderland, a 1865 English novel by Lewis Corroll)

愛麗絲打開門,發現它通向一條比老鼠洞大不了多少的小通道。她跪下來,沿著通道往裡看去,她看到一個十分美麗的花園。她多麼想走出那個黑暗的大廳,在那些鮮豔的花壇和涼爽的噴泉之間漫步,但她連頭都進不了門口; 「即使我的頭能穿過去,」愛麗絲想,「沒有我的肩膀也沒用。」


但聰明的小愛麗絲不會倉促行事。 「不行,我先看看!」她說,看看上面有沒有「有毒」字樣;因為她讀過幾本關於孩子被燒傷、被野獸和其他不愉快的東西吃掉的小故事,都是因為他們不記得他們的朋友教給他們的簡單規則:比如,燒紅的紙牌如果你拿著它太久會燒傷你;如果你用刀把手指切得很深,通常會流血;如果你從一個標有「毒藥」的瓶子裡喝多了,幾乎可以肯定會帶來大災難!





「得了吧,哭成這樣也沒用!」愛麗絲嚴厲地對自己說。有時候,她會大聲責備自己以至於眼淚奪眶而出。有一次,她記得自己曾想打自己的耳光,因為她在和自己玩的遊戲時犯規。她非常喜歡假裝成兩個人。 「可是現在裝兩個人是不可能了!我這樣一丁點的小小人,連要變成一個都甭想!」

很快,她的目光落在了桌下的一個小玻璃盒上:她打開它,發現裡面是一個很小的蛋糕,上面寫著「吃我」兩個字。 「好吧,我會吃掉它,如果它能讓我變大,我就可以拿到鑰匙;如果它讓我變小,我就可以鑽到門底下;無論哪種方式,我都會進入花園,所以怎麼樣都無所謂了!」




(本貼文內容乃根據一八六五年Lewis Coroll之英文小說愛麗絲仙境探險改編,翻譯。)

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