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🐶🐾 In support of children’s music education, Wowospot Kids Piano will be posting free beginner piano learning videos with free sheet music download daily from March 1, 2022 for two weeks.

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🐶🐾April special video on the Black Keys Song

The Black Keys Song

This cheerful and fun to play Black Keys Song was one of my fav tunes when I was little. I could not remember how and where I learned it. So there is no sheet music for it. All can be learned on the keyboard. All kids love it. Enjoy!

Let’s play a song!

Do you have musical kids who are curious about how piano works and keen to learn? Wowospot Kids is soon to roll out Wowospot Kids Piano, providing a special digital space for kids to learn to play the Piano! From getting to know the keyboard, naming the letter names of notes, to playing the familiar songs, Wowospot Kids Piano curates informative, creative and fun content to help kids learn. Follow Wowospot Kids on instagram@wowospotkids to get update.


Wowospot Kids Piano

Videos: 14 days challenge

Top Nursery Rhymes

Day 1 March 1, 2022

Learn to play Itsy Bitsy Spider 🕷

Itsy Bitsy Spider for beginner piano

Day 2 March 2, 2022

Learn to play Mary Has a Little Lamb 🐑

Mary Has a Little Lamb for beginner piano

Day 3 March 3, 2022

Learn to play the Muffin Man 🧁

The Muffin Man for beginner piano

Day 4 March 4, 2022

Learn to play Twinkle Twinkle Little Star 🌟✨🌠

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

Day 5 March 5, 2022

Learn to play Ode to Joy

Ode to Joy for beginner piano

Day 6 March 6, 2022

Learn to play London Bridge is Falling Down 🌉

London Bridge is Falling Down for beginner piano

Getting to Know the Keyboard 🎹

Day 7 March 7, 2022

Learn to find the Middle C

Finding Middle C

Getting to Know the Notes 🎵

Day 8, March 8, 2022

Three types of notes

Three types of notes

Day 8 March 8, 2022

D and E on the right hand side of Middle C

My Right Hand Tune

Day 9 March 9, 2022

B and A on the left hand side of Middle C

Learning about B and A (left hand song)

Finger Numbers

Day 10, March 10, 2022

Easiest way to remember finger numbers

Easiest way to remember finger numbers
Finger numbers

Middle C Position Explained

Day 11, March 11, 2022

Complete the Middle C position by knowing the notes G and F-G.

Learning about G, F-G to play a tune: Chu Chu.
Middle C position explained

Two Types of Touching Technique

Day 12, March 12, 2022

The Ideas about Legato vs Staccato

Legato vs Staccato

Day 13, March 12

Legato – connecting sound explained

Legato – connecting sound explained

Day 14, March 13, 2022

Staccato – jumping sound explianed

Staccato – jumping sound explained

My Tool Box 🧰

C Position Chart
Remember Finger Numbers
Middle C Position, for super beginners
Counting Bees

Online Piano Course for Beginners👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 🎹

A step-to-step, comprehensive paid beginners course, Piano for All Beginners Prep A contains 53 lessons, most perfect for kids 5-8 and up (or any age really!) to learn online with parents at home. Beginners mini is a sample course offered for free. Click Here to enrol.

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