Alice in Wonderland #3 | The Pool of Tears: Alice became large and small again 愛麗絲夢遊仙境集三

“Goodbye, feet! oh my poor little feet, I wonder who will put on your shoes and stockings for you now, dears? I’m sure I shall not be able! I shall be a great deal too far off to trouble myself aout you: you must manage the best way you can — but I must be kind fo them,” thought Alice, “or perhaps they won’t walk the way I want to go! Let me see. I’ll give them a new pair of boots every Christmas.”

Alice in Wonderland #2 | Down the Rabbit Hole: Alice Taking “Drink Me” Bottle 愛麗絲夢遊仙境集二

Alice opened the door and found that it led into a small passage, not much larger than a rat hole: she knelt down and looked along the passage into the loveliest garden on could even see. How she longed to get out of that dark hall, and wander about among those beds of bright flowers and those cool fountains, but she could not even get her head through the doorway; and “even if my head could go through, ” thought Alice, “it would be of very little use without my shoulders.”

Alice in Wonderland #1 | Down the Rabbit Hole: White Rabbit Checking Watch 愛麗絲夢遊仙境集一

Down, down, down. Would the fall never come to an end! “I wonder how many miles I’ve fallen by this time?” she said aloud. “I must be getting somewhere near the center of the earth. Let me see: that would be four thousand miles down, I think – yes, that’s about the right distance – but then I wonder what Latitude or Longitude I’ve got to?”