Aesop’s Fables |The Fox and the Grapes

The Fox and the Grapes is a famous Aesop’s fable that I have remembered since I was a child. In Chinese we also have a saying, “Calling the grapes sour because you can not have them, “ referring to a situation when one critisizes something only because he can not get it.

The moral: There are many who pretend to despise and belittle that which is beyound their reach.

Once upon a time, there was a wolf who was wandering in the woods, looking for food in a sunny afternoon. He had not eaten for days. He was lucky to have spied a beautifully looking bunch of ripe grapes haning from the vine. The grapes’ bright purple color shined under the sunlight. The wolf thought, “I need to get those grapes but how can I reach them? It is way too high!” He gazed at the grapes with loingings.

He figured he must jump to reach the grapes.

The first time he just tried to jump as high as he could. But in vain. Then he walked away a distance trying again with a running leap, only to fall short once more. He tried again, and again until the sun almost set. He had grwon frustrated and upset.

Out of exhaustion, he sat down on a big rock neay by the tree that hung the grapes, thinking, “Oh well, I guess those grapes are just too sour anyways, not worth my effort.”

The wolf walked away scornfully, looking for his next target to satisfy his grumbling tummy.

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