Kids Songs in 2021 | The Ideas about WowoSpot Kids

by Lisa Ruping Cheng

In May 2021, after I compiled and published The Bagels on the Table, a piano book with nursery rhymes and folk songs for kids, I wrote more than twenty new children songs in three weeks. Most of the songs were created on a piece of paper while I was having breakfast. The ideas kept coming to head. What inspired me initially was that the beginners’ piano sheet music “Itsy Bitsy Spider” I published in sheet music plus had received a popular response. It struck me that young minds are looking for songs to learn to play, sing and have fun with.

In my very remote memories, my earliest musical experiences were about songs. We react to music and language most naturally through songs. Before I was made to sit on the piano bench at the age of five to learn to play the gigantic instrument, I had known music by singing and dancing along my favorite songs from the radio.

Songs are not as serious as instruments. They are directly connected to our emotions and they are done by our most natural instrument – our voice. Did you know that voice is the earliest form of music?

In the process of my research while arranging children’s folk songs, I realized that traditional folk songs, as great and culturally rich as they are, and although they are still very much loved by today’s children, the stories and lyrics associated with them are lacking freshness and new elements to reflect the current times. There is a reason why Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, Itsy Bitsy Spider and The Muffin Man are so popular. They are just wonderful. But other than these songs, what new songs will kids in the 21st century sing in the future? A good song not only nurtures, educates, and relates to life experiences, it also provides comforting melodies and inspires creativity.

WowoSpot Kids was created to produce and deliver new children songs and music for fun, entertainment and education. I intend to make these new songs I have written known to the children of the world. I am excited to produce each of the songs with care and dedication. Little Puppy Lily’s Magic Bone was published in my new Youtube channel WowoSpot Kids today. When little puppy Lily falls asleep in the night what will her chewing bone turn into? Kids and families can expect to experience puppy Lily’s world by watching the 2D animation video while listening to the song with lyrics shown at the bottom of the screen.

WowoSpot Kids

The channel art, the visual design ideas, and the production steps were done with the help of talent that I work with. I appreciate all who have helped me to make the launch of the channel a reality. As we explore the possibilities to deliver quality kids content, we have learned a lot and will continue to learn to make it better.

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Produce and publish quality kids content for fun, creative learning and education.

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